Acute Low Back Pain Drop In Clinics


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For people with acute/episodic (not chronic) low back pain. This service is run by Community Physiotherapy South.


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People attending the clinics receive:

  • Screening for red flags and non-musculoskeletal conditions
  • Education to reduce fear and increase activity
  • Advice to improve self-management through an action plan
  • Onward referral to appropriate 1:1 physiotherapy or other health services

Our approach

All patients are not the same! Patients are stratified into a high, medium or low risk treatment pathways based on their risk of developing persistent pain (yellow flags assessment using the Keele STarT Back screening tool):

  • Low risk clients receive advice, an education booklet and group education class.
  • Medium risk clients receive the above, as well as a referral to 1:1 outpatient physiotherapy.
  • High risk clients receive advice, an education booklet and a referral to 1:1 outpatient physiotherapy with increased psychosocial input. This input seeks to address unhelpful beliefs, fears and stressors influencing pain.

Emergency conditions

Please note this is not an emergency service.

Referral process

Encourage a self-referral by handing the patient a brochure and suggesting they call 1800 996 082.

Additional information

This THS education booklet may be freely distributed to patients to provide education based on the latest evidence for managing acute LBP.

For more information contact Community Physiotherapy (03) 6166 7280.