Cervical Cancer


North South North West Statewide

Pre-referral work-up


Women with Cervical Cancer found on routine cervical smear or as a result of investigation for symptoms should be referred directly to the Gynaecologic Oncology Clinic as urgent referrals.

All referrals should comply to referral standards link to for clinicians page and include in particular:

  • History of HPV vaccination if any
  • Current pap smear results and previous pap smear results
  • If an obvious cancer is diagnosed by speculum examination: perform CT imaging of the chest, abdomen and pelvis if possible prior to the clinic visit
  • If no obvious cancer is seen on gynaecological examinations then refer to gynaecologic oncologist who will proceed with further testing
  • Women with large cancers may develop ureteric obstruction please consider renal function measures


  • CT of chest, if obvious cancer
  • Renal function measures, if large cancer

Interim/GP management

To refer a patient with this condition, please see the Gynaecologic Oncology clinic page for the full referral process and templates.

Explanation of concerns and likely need for further gynaecological examination.

For more information please see the Tasmanian Health Pathways website.


Heavy frank bleeding that cannot be stopped Ureteric obstruction

Urgent / category 1

Cervical Cancer

Red flags are clinical indicators of possible serious underlying conditions requiring further medical intervention. They may or may not indicate an emergency.



Proceed to Emergency Department (ED). Please contact ED Medical Officer in Charge:
LGH ED – Phone: (03) 6777 6405  Fax: (03) 6777 5201
MCH ED – Phone: (03) 6478 5120  Fax: (03) 6441 5923
NWRH ED – Phone: (03) 6493 6340  Fax: (03) 6464 1926
RHH ED - Phone: (03) 6166 6100  Fax: (03) 6173 0489


We will endeavour to see urgent referrals for women with a suspected or proven gynaecologic malignancy within one to two weeks.  If you have any trouble obtaining an urgent appointment please contact our secretary on (03) 6166 8049.


Women will be given an appointment between one to eight weeks depending upon reason for referral