Out of Home Care Clinic (Paediatric)


There is no condition information for this clinic

Health screening and follow up of children under state guardianship on long term orders.


North South North West Statewide



  • Children 0-18 years under state guardianship on long term orders


  • All children who are already under the care of another
  • Paediatrician in the private sector will be excluded for follow up
  • Children on assessment orders with Child and Family Services

Emergency conditions

This clinic does not offer an emergency service.

Referral process

A referral (preferably faxed) is required for all new appointments and must conform to the Referral Standards as outlined on For Clinicians.

For the OOHC clinic an indefinite referral is preferred as the child/young person will be followed up as per need while under state guardianship

Please include details of

  • Any developmental or behavioural concerns
  • Previous reports where available
  • Immunisation status
  • Antenatal history (if known)

Referrals are registered by the clinic to whom they are referred and are triaged according to the specific clinic guidelines.

Clinic Appointments – Appointments are based on clinical priority:

Referral template

For use by health professionals only

Additional information

If any developmental concerns:  a concurrent referral to Early Childhood Intervention Service or St. Giles may be appropriate.

If there is any speech delay: refer for an audiology assessment.

For more information please see the Tasmanian Health Pathways website.