Antenatal Model of Care - North/North West

The Department will periodically contact patients waiting for an outpatient clinic appointment via SMS, with a link to an electronic form.  This is part of routine waitlist auditing to ensure patient details are up to date.  If you receive this SMS, please update your details.

Public Antenatal Care Options - North / North West

Public patients attending for antenatal care in North and North West Tasmania have several options for their care and it is recommended that the options are discussed when possible with their GP prior to referral and the preferred option indicated on the referral.

Not all patients will be suitable for their preferred option due to medical or obstetric complications but whenever possible the patient’s request will be considered.

The following spreadsheet compares the options to aid in your discussions with your patients. The information can also be found as part of the Maternity Information Package for the North and North West regions.

 GP Shared CareMidwifery Group PracticeTeam MidwiferyOutreach Midwives ClinicMedical Led Clinics*
PurposeConvenient community care with local GP in conjunction with RHHProvides continuity of care/carer and shorter hospital stayAims for care by a known team of midwives but not guaranteedConvenient community-based clinics for normal risk pregnanciesHigh risk and complicated pregnancies
Antenatal CareWith GP except for booking in and 28- and 36-week visitsPrimary Midwife and back upTeam of midwivesTeam of midwivesObstetrician and Midwives
LabourMidwife on duty (not known to patient)Primary Midwife and back up (known to patient)Midwife on duty (may be known to patient)Midwife on duty (not known to patient)Midwife on duty (not known to patient)
Postnatal CareTeam of midwivesPrimary Midwife and back upTeam of midwivesTeam of midwivesTeam of midwives
Hospital StayStandard stay4-6 hours post birthStandard stayStandard stayStandard stay
Postnatal Midwifery SupportHome visit up to 14 days as requiredHome visit up to 14 days as requiredHome visit up to 14 days as requiredHome visit up to 14 days as requiredHome visit up to 14 days as required

*Medical led Clinics - these include the Complex Care, Antenatal Endocrine, Medical and High-Risk clinics. In some instances, the patient may participate in care with the Midwifery Group Practice care but only with medical approval and supervision.

GPs are requested to use the latest Statewide Antenatal referral template to assist them in providing all the information required for safe assessment and care of pregnant women.