Southern Schedule - Obstetrics Clinics

The Department will periodically contact patients waiting for an outpatient clinic appointment via SMS, with a link to an electronic form.  This is part of routine waitlist auditing to ensure patient details are up to date.  If you receive this SMS, please update your details.

THS Southern Schedule - Obstetrics Clinics

  • Early Pregnancy Assessment
  • Complex Care
  • MGP
  • Obstetric Endocrine
  • MGP
  • Early Pregnancy Assessment
  • KYM
  • MGP
  • General Antenatal Medical Clinics
  • KYM
  • MGP
  • Early Pregnancy Assessment
  • High Risk Antenatal Clinic
  • KYM
  • Satellite Clinic Clarence
  • MGP
  • KYM
  • Satellite Clinic Hobart
  • Young Mum’s Clinic
  • MGP
  • Early Pregnancy Assessment
  • General Antenatal Medical Clinic
  • KYM
  • Satellite Clinic Kingston
  • MGP
  • KYM
  • MGP
  • Early Pregnancy Assessment
  • General Antenatal Medical Clinics
  • KYM
  • Satellite Clinic Glenorchy
  • MGP

*Clinics do not operate on Public Holidays.

Please refer to Southern Public Antenatal Care Options.

Genetic counselling is organised as required by the Women’s Health Clinics but is also available via direct referral to Tasmanian Clinical Genetics Service (TCGS).  Additional screening is undertaken within the Women’s Health Clinic when indicated.

Access to the Perinatal Mental Health Team within THS South is via referral.  Consultant is Dr Fiona Judd.

Current Obstetric Consultants:

  • Dr Sajid Patel (Head of Department)
  • Dr Lindsay Edwards
  • Dr Kristine Barnden
  • Dr Tania Marshall
  • Dr Irena Nikakis
  • Dr David Gartlan
  • Dr Mindy Fine
  • Dr Greg Bauer
  • Dr Wolf Gelman
  • Dr Hamdy Abdelrahman
  • Dr Mel Nardi
  • Dr Portia Spaulding
  • Dr Kate Mitchell

Additional specialist consultants include:

  • Dr Duffield


  • Dr Walsh
  • Prof. P Dargaville
  • Dr T De Paoli
  • Dr N Spotswood

Perinatal Psychiatrist

  • Dr Fiona Judd
  • Dr Stephanie Lorimer

Members of the multi-disciplinary team that may provide care and clinical coordination during pregnancy include: midwives, resident medical officers, training O&G registrars, consultant obstetricians, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, physiotherapists, social workers and other specialties as required.