Neurology (Paediatric)

The Department will periodically contact patients waiting for an outpatient clinic appointment via SMS, with a link to an electronic form.  This is part of routine waitlist auditing to ensure patient details are up to date.  If you receive this SMS, please update your details.


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Pre-referral work-up


Pre-referral work-up

Dr Tyson Ware accepts referrals for complex epilepsy and paroxysmal events, evaluation for neurodegenerative condition, and disorders of the peripheral neuromuscular system. Apart from exceptional circumstances, referrals will only be accepted from other paediatricians.

All others seen by Paediatricians should have similar referrals.

To refer a patient with this condition, please see the Paediatrics clinic page for the full referral process and templates.

All referrals should comply with the referral standards and must include the following minimum referral criteria:

  • Reason for referral including expectations for care
  • Detailed description and history of events: relationship to sleep/febrile illness; context etc
  • Detailed seizure description, duration, frequency, date of onset
  • Associated problems such as cyanosis or injuries during events
  • Details of current medications used to control epilepsy, if any
  • Report presence or absence of concerning features:
    • Headaches
    • Focal seizures
    • Personality change
    • Polyuria or polydipsia
    • Recent change in sleep behaviour
    • Recent onset of clumsiness or poor coordination,
    • Unexplained vomiting

    Additional information which may assist with triage

    Highly desirable Information:

    • Additional history of events including post event drowsiness, incontinence or injuries during events
    • Past treatments/medications offered and efficacy including previous acute anticonvulsant management
    • Other neurological or development conditions present
    • Either:
      • current developmental status (age appropriate, some delay, significant delay) OR
      • brief comment on current school educational attainments (good, average, poor, very poor [>2 years behind])
    • Any previous EEG results (note advice on ordering EEGs in other useful information section. Generally, it is not required to order an EEG for referral. If previous results are available, please include with referral)

Interim/GP management

To refer a patient with this condition, please see the Paediatrics clinic page for the full referral process and templates.

Directed by patient’s general paediatrician.

For more information please see the Tasmanian Health Pathways website.


Acute neurological deficit; acute flaccid paralysis / spinal cord syndrome

Urgent / category 1

Seen within 6 weeks

Suspected infantile spasms or epileptic encephalopathy

New onset epilepsy with convulsive seizures

Neurodegenerative condition

Suspected spinal muscular atrophy

Semi-urgent / category 2

Seen within 3 months

Known epilepsy or neurologic condition with breakthrough seizures or significant deterioration.

Red flags are clinical indicators of possible serious underlying conditions requiring further medical intervention. They may or may not indicate an emergency.


Proceed to Emergency Department (ED).
LGH ED Reception  – Phone: (03) 6777 6405  Fax: (03) 6777 5201
MCH ED* – Phone: (03) 6478 5120  Fax: (03) 6441 5923
NWRH ED* – Phone: (03) 6493 6351 Fax: (03) 6464 1926
RHH ED Reception – Phone: (03) 6166 6100  Fax: (03) 6173 0489

Advice for medical practitioners can be given by the Medical Officer In Charge (MOIC) - see HealthPathways Tasmania for contact information.
*MCH and NWRH MOICs request GPs call them prior to referring a patient to ensure the patient is being sent appropriately to a safe destination.


We will endeavour to see these patients within 1 month.

Urgent referrals should be accompanied by a phone call to the Consultant/Registrar to organise urgent review.

For any urgent sexual abuse/assault concerns please phone RHH switchboard and ask Paediatric Sexual Assault Consultant or Registrar on call for advice.


We will endeavour to see these patients within 3 months


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