General Paediatrics (including Outreach)

The Department will periodically contact patients waiting for an outpatient clinic appointment via SMS, with a link to an electronic form.  This is part of routine waitlist auditing to ensure patient details are up to date.  If you receive this SMS, please update your details.

Assessment and management of children and young people with medical concerns who are less than 18 years of age.Children living in areas with limited access to transport may be seen in Outreach Clinics located in the community, currently Bridgewater, Sorell and Geeveston.

Referral process

All referrals should comply with the Referral Standards and must include:

  • Parental/carer contact name and phone number
  • Reasons for concern including details of onset, course of disease
  • Expectation of referral
  • Previous Investigations and treatments (if any)
  • Social situation where relevant

Referral for many specialist paediatric services is via General Paediatric Clinic, in particular, consultants who visit from the Royal Children's Hospital to consult on complex conditions.

Additional information which may aid triage:

  • Antenatal and birth history
  • Developmental history (early milestones, level of current functioning, history of any regression)
  • Past medical history including previous interventions, medications, allergies
  • Relevant family history


Nil specific but please include results of any investigations which have been performed:

  • Vision and hearing assessment
  • Cognitive/developmental assessments (Griffiths, Bailey, WISC, WPPSI)
  • Any radiology or pathology tests

Interim/GP Management

Advice regarding interim management may be found on HealthPathways.

Referral template

For use by health professionals only

Additional information

Additional Information