Estimated Outpatient Appointment Waiting Times

The Department will periodically contact patients waiting for an outpatient clinic appointment via SMS, with a link to an electronic form.  This is part of routine waitlist auditing to ensure patient details are up to date.  If you receive this SMS, please update your details.

All patients are placed on a waiting list for Outpatient Clinic appointments according to their clinical need as indicated by their Category. Some clinics have short waiting times and others have a longer waiting time which is a reflection of many factors including service demand, clinical resources and clinical indications amongst others.

Patients with potential life threatening conditions, including proven or suspected cancer, will be prioritised and the referrer should phone the appropriate clinician as well as faxing the referral.

It remains the responsibility of the referring GP to monitor the patient's condition in the interim and to update the clinic on any significant changes in the patient's condition which may change the triage category.  The GP should notify, or ask the patient to notify, the clinic if the appointment is no longer needed.

This is not a comprehensive list of all clinics but additional clinics will be added as the data becomes available.

View the estimated outpatient appointment waiting times: